We are a Health Online Hub

Our goal is to help you stay in control of your health

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you optimise your health by providing education and value on various health topics and essentially being able to offer various offerings that serve to optimise your health. Our actions encompass our values which include the following:

Quality – We maintain high standards in everything we do by continually monitoring and accepting feedback.

Teamwork – We collaborate and share our knowledge along with other healthcare professionals and we continually seek to provide a better service.

Great Service – We offer a high standard of service to all.

Integrity – We adhere to high moral principles and have a strong commitment to confidentiality, trust, respect and openness.

Compassion – We provide a caring and supportive service and this extends through all partners and the healthcare network we work with.

Meet our Founder

Suzanne’s photo

Suzanne Cambray Dip Ion CMA

Nutrition Director

Suzanne Cambray is Nutrition Director at Cambray Health Dynamics. She has a varied skill set and experiences that have made her an expert in her field for just over 30 years. Suzanne has trained in traditional nursing, nutrition and is a master teacher at Reiki.

Her experiences and training lay a solid foundation for the wealth of information that Health by Design Hub has to offer and in truly being able to help patients make headway in finding solutions for their specific issues.