Two Nutritional Consultations (Save 5%)



This is two 60 minute consultations with a fully qualified nutritionist which includes:

  • Support and understanding of your FoodPrint® test results.
  • Consultations are completed via Skype or Zoom calls.
  • Additional consultations can be booked on request.

All our nutritionists are qualified and can offer you specific help and support on identifying your food intolerances and help you make the necessary shifts in lifestyle change to help optimise your health.




What would a consultation involve?

Our consultation process is 60 minutes long and involves the completion of a 5-day food diary, this will allow for a greater analysis of symptoms and any health issues you currently have.  Your first consultation will allow us the opportunity to discuss your health and goals and what you wish to achieve.

Scientific tests to help

Often our Nutritionists may recommend specific scientific tests to help understand more which provides them a fully comprehensive report which you can then be taken through. These are optional but can help in learning more about your specific intolerances.

How are Nutritional Consultations Conducted?

All nutritional consultations are completed via Skype or Zoom calls. The consultation period is 60 minutes long and all information is kept confidential at all times.

Why take two Nutritional Consultations?

Taking two nutritional consultations allows for the beginning of a greater understanding of your overall health profiling. This enables you to discuss and analyse further health related issues and really begin to optimise your health.

Three Key Benefits

  1. Get to the root causes of underlying food intolerances or gut related issues.
  2. A full and complete nutritional analysis to look at your overall health picture.
  3. A specific understanding on IBS and analysis of your specific issue.