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Patient testimonials

Mrs A Garfoot - West London

" ...I consulted Andrew on some niggling health issues including dry skin, hair loss, and IBS. Following his advice, I altered my diet and this made a big difference. Avoiding certain foods and drinks was not such a big deal as Andrew helped me to identify alternatives. There is no question that you are what you eat... "

" ... I would spend ages in health shops gazing at vitamin and mineral supplements before walking away empty handed. I didn't have the time or the knowledge to make the right choices, so decided I may as well keep the money. Andrew identified precisely my deficiencies and now I take supplements that are specifically tailored to my needs. I have more strength and energy, and therefore, better able to cope under pressure ... "

Bridget Speller M.A.R. - A Local Reflexologist

" ... I had tennis elbow, which did not respond to any treatment over a period of 12 to 18 months until I tried acupuncture. I am now completely pain free and at the same time it helped a wrist injury. As a reflexologist I would not hesitate to recommend any of my patients needing nutritional therapy or acupuncture to Cambray Health Dynamics ... "

Ms A Greene - South East London

" ... Following 8 months of unsuccessful conventional treatments Andrew was recommended to me by a friend. As an NHS professional I was sceptical at first, however, within a week of having my initial treatment my health began to improve and I am back to enjoying a full and energetic lifestyle ... "

Ms B - Hampshire

" ... After 10 years of suffering IBS symptoms I am leading a normal life again ... "

Mr L Cross - Manchester

" ... I have suffered terrible IBS. The bloating has gone and I have lost 2 inches of my waist in just 8 weeks ... "

Mrs S. - Alton

" ... After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I sought nutritional help to arrest the condition. It is important for me to know that I am taking the correct levels of vitamins and minerals ... "

Mr S Gaines - Guildford, Surrey

" ... I have had facial acne since my teenage years. I was embarrassed and got quite depressed with it, and in 6 weeks it was gone ... "

Mrs J Bradshaw - Chorley, Lancashire

" ... The change in my health and well-being has been wonderful. I have tried elimination diets many times, but this test pinpointed my allergies there and then ... "

Ms C Hanlon - Andover, Hampshire

" ... I was struggling with lack of energy, abdominal bloating and an inability to lose weight. I had cut some foods out of my diet lost half a stone. When I was re-tested I found that certain food combinations did not suit me so I lost a further stone. I don't eat any less than before but I have taken certain foods out of my diet and adjusted the way I eat. As a result I have lost 1 1/2 stones over the course of a few months and have gone from a size 16 to a 12/14, which I am more than happy with ... "

Ms B Lowe - Hampshire

" ... I have suffered from low back pain for nearly 20 years not wanting to rely on pain killers anymore I tried a course of acupuncture, which has helped to decrease the pain levels ... "

Mrs J Robinson - West London

" ... I have been to see Andrew several times over the past few years and have always found his advice extremely beneficial. He has helped me with digestive problems, low energy and neurological problems. I have always felt better after following his suggestions. I have referred many of my friends to him, and would encourage everyone to see him at least once ... "

A 60 year old professional woman - still working

" ... Having recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, following surgery, I decided to seek advice from Suzanne about how nutritional supplements might help fight the reoccurrence of the disease. By having a food intolerance analysis and a list of the right supplements together with the right amounts, I was in a much better position to overcome the effects of radiotherapy, which can last up to 18 months. Now I feel full of energy, more confident and very positive about my future. The care I received was very supportive and it enabled me to off load a lot of my problems, which I realise had also been affecting my health. I will definitely be keeping up my appointments in the future and I recommend Cambray Health Dynamics very highly ... "

Sarah - Berkshire

" ... The improvement in my general health - both mental and physical, was amazing in a matter of weeks. I felt and looked so much better. Who would have thought that such small changes in ones diet could achieve such results ... "

L.J. Hare - Hants

" ... I was exhausted and felt like sleeping most of the time, Suzanne diagnosed candidiasis. After testing food intolerances and following the dietary advise, 6 months later I felt 100% better and still am ... "

Rosemary - Kent

" ... Homoeopathy combined with nutritional therapy has been of great help to me in recovering from alopecia. It has taught me to be more aware of my body needs and I have learnt to recognise things to avoid. I have no doubt that this treatment is helping me to keep my hair ... "

Sue Jackson - Surrey

" ... I first visited Suzanne on the recommendation of a friend. I was exhausted and found making decisions had become difficult. I found in time that my life was back on track with renewed energy ... "

L. Hill - Dorset

" ... After an operation on my jaw 9 years ago. My ears became very blocked and I suffered from excruciating pain when flying. Acupuncture helped to release the pressure. I have flown on several long haul and domestic flights since without any ill effects ... "

Jean - London

" ... I consulted Suzanne & Kay on recommendation of a friend. I had taken it for granted that my nose would always be blocked with catarrh. I found before long that I could breathe freely and, after 25 years, no longer needed anti-histamine tablets. Eye twitching and stress-related eczema have also disappeared. I recommend your services to anyone who wants to improve their general health and well-being. Long may you continue your good work ... "