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Services - Do You Know Your Poison?

One man's food is another man's poison (Lucretius, c50 BC)

We are all 100% unique with our own characteristics, qualities and personality. We are also biochemically individual. As human beings we have many things in common, however, our individual ability to cope with different foods varies. We all need vitamins and minerals but the amount required for optimal performance varies within each person.

Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food (Hippocrates, c460-377 BC)

Hippocrates, who is considered the father of natural medicine, first recorded the recognition of food sensitivity. He stated that healing could not be truly successful without attention being paid to what the patient was eating. Our health is always being challenged by viruses, bacteria or by unavoidable exhaust fumes. What we are taking into the body, whether it is healthy and wholesome food, processed food, alcohol, drugs or pollution can strengthen or weaken our ability to maintain good health.

The key philosophy behind the treatment is that you are what you eat, think and breathe.

Patients are treated as individuals. The therapy is based on listening to the patient's body via kinesiology, thereby, identifying individual needs and the root causes of the problems. The treatment is based on the avoidance of offensive foods and environmental allergens, their desensitisation and the supplementation of any nutritional deficiencies i.e. vitamins and minerals.

Follow-up treatments are advised between four to six weeks to monitor any foods that may be re-introduced back into the diet and to re-evaluate nutritional deficiencies.

In some instances medical tests may be recommended as a backup to Allergy and Nutritional Therapy, i.e. for hormone imbalances.

Services include: Allergy & Intolerance Testing (food and environmental), Candida and Dysbiosis Screening, Nutritional Deficiency Testing, Dietary Analysis, Homeopathy, Bach Flowers and Reiki.


By placing a limb, usually an arm, in a particular position it is possible to isolate an individual muscle, to test and monitor its response by applying some gentle pressure. The normal response is that the muscle will lock; if the muscle weakens and gives way then it indicates a disturbance of energy in the meridian system. If this happens in the presence of a food then this will indicate sensitivity to that food.

Using Kinesiology to address nutritional imbalances is an effective and non-invasive technique to determine food allergies and intolerances and nutritional deficiencies i.e. vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We use this method to help us gain an overall insight into your nutritional needs, always aiming to achieve optimum health.

It is essential that the root cause of the problem be addressed so that the patient does not stay on a restricted diet on a long-term basis. The vitamin and mineral supplements, which are carefully selected and prescribed for their power of absorption and quality, need only to be a temporary measure. Some people, however, may need some supplementation on an ongoing basis to maintain optimum health as it is not always easy to obtain ones nutrition from a so called, "Balanced Diet". Many people do not have the time or do not make the time to prepare and eat fresh food but rely heavily on processed foods, which may contain many additives.